Kevin & Russ Driveway Sealing

Kevin & Russ
Commercial Crack Filling/Repair and Sealing

Since 1981, Kevin & Russ Driveway Sealing has been providing complete, full service asphalt maintenance and repair for commercial properties throughout Monroe and surrounding counties.

Our services include:

  • all types of asphalt repair
  • crack-filling
  • seal-coating
  • striping and color coating of parking lots, tennis courts, basketball courts, sports surfaces, driveways etc.

Our professional staff works to repair, seal and preserve your asphalt investment.

We utilize some of the most specialized pavement maintenance equipment in the industry. Some of our machinery includes: MB walk behind rotary sweepers, Crafco Super Shot diesel crack filling unit with heated hoses, Neal Mfg. ride on squeegee machines, Parker Vacuums, and Little Wonder Blowers. A company showing up with just a blower and weedwacker will do a fraction of our job. like painting a house, the hard work is the sanding and the scraping, not the actual painting.

Our manufacturer ships directly to our 6000 gallon storage facility. This allows us to control the quality of the product as well as pass volume discounts to our customers. We continue to use the more expensive Federal Spec RP 355 coal tar emulsion. It has proven to perform significantly better in our climate as well as hold up to the demands of high traffic conditions then cheaper asphalt emulsions.

We generally recommend two coats of material on commercial projects due to high traffic volumes. We also blend polymer additives and black sand to our sealer to extend the flexibility and wear of the finished product.

We are also fully insured ( workers comp, general liability, automotive, and disability insurance) and can provide certificates for your records.

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