Kevin & Russ Driveway Sealing

Kevin & Russ
Residential Driveway Sealing

We approach each driveway as if it was our own. We actually spend more time edging our driveways then most companies take to do the complete job.
Areas by the garage are sealed using 4" paint brushes - many companies only use 3' brooms leaving gaps at the corners.
Our back pack blowers make sure the driveway gets cleaned without blowing debris all over the front steps.
We literally take off our shoes by the street to insure no footprints get on the sidewalk or grass.
Preparation defines how we do our job. Just like painting a house, the hard work is the sanding and the scraping, not the actual painting.

It is the preparation, however, that will largely determine the longevity of the job.

Snow Plowing

During the winter months, Kevin & Russ Driveway Sealing provides snow plowing services to a limited area for both residential and commercial properties. It is our full time job during the winter and we take our commitments seriously.

Snow plow service areas include zip codes 14617,14622 (West & East Irondequoit), 14607,14610, 14620 (City) and 14618 (Brighton).

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